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Time considerations

~ All sessions are a minimum of 3 hours.

~ When hauling items, an additional 30 minutes is subtracted for delivering and unloading.

Managing Expectations

~ Light cleaning is part of the process. However, it can be more extensive at times. I don't charge less or more per type of work. Another example would include a Lego collection I was asked to assist with, where several of the buildings were in need of repair. Part of the project included organizing pieces, parts, and documents, but a significant amount of time was also spent reconstructing Lego models.

~ For safety reasons, I don't move exceptionally heavy items or furniture. Thank you for understanding. 

Cancellation Policy

~ Please contact me 24 hours in advance if you must cancel.

~ If 24 hours is not provided, 3 hours will be deducted from the client's package. If paying hourly, clients will be charged for a 3-hours appointment. 

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