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Time to Spark Joy into Your Life!

Let's Meet

I'm Amy, and I'm your decluttering expert.

I truly believe we are all given important and invaluable gifts by our Creator. I've come to recognize that inspiring, motivating, and bringing order to any situation (even the most chaotic!) are my gifts. As a dear friend commented after I helped her move into her new home, “Amy, organizing is your superpower!” I take this calling seriously as I have seen the positive effects it has had on so many through the years.

Growing up on a farm, I spent a lot of time helping my parents keep things neat, clean, and organized. My inquisitive young mind discovered early on that if I made things around me beautiful and orderly, I felt much calmer on the inside.  This is a gift that I want to share with you, my client.  I believe that in our crazy world, our homes should be a place of refuge and peace.  I can help you make that happen! Perhaps my mentor Marie Kondo says it best, "When you surround yourself with possessions that spark joy, you'll create a home and a life you will love."

I’ve had the opportunity to work as a Sales Coach, a Corporate Trainer, and as a Director of several non-profit organizations. I’ve also served as a Personal Trainer, a Spiritual Director, and now a KonMari Consultant. I believe with all my heart that the Body, Mind, Spirit connection is integral to living a life of peace, joy, and happiness.  Let me take you on a journey that will uplift your spirit, touch your heart, and bring clarity and order to the life you were called to live!

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