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In-Person or Virtually

Transformation Takes Time

Redefining how your home welcomes you, comforts you, reflects you, takes time.

This very personal process is guided by several things. Consider the following...

        ~ Consider Your Space and your needs...

                  Classic KonMari Tidying Festival (Whole-Home)

                  Kitchen Re-Org 

                  Office Space Upgrade

                  Garage Flip

       ~ Consider Your Budget. Pricing & duration is determined by… 

                  Existing Conditions 

                  Volume and variety of possessions

                  How much time you can commitment

       ~ Consider Your Willingness...

                  To surround yourself with things that spark joy

                  To commit to putting things away

                  To begin living the life you've always wanted to live! 

Organization Services:

$90.00 ~  $110.00/hour      1-15 hours

$85.00 ~  $105.00/hour    15-25 hours

$80.00 ~  $100.00/hour       25+ hours


Project Consultation:

$90.00 ~ 60 minute in-home or virtual consultation

Walk Through Consultation:

$250 ~ 60 minute home assessment for DIY'ers


Hauling fee:

$30.00 per drop off location 

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