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My work is like a great echo.

the more joy I give out, the more it comes back!


"Amy is one of those people who genuinely enjoys helping people find their best, most meaningful life under their piles of clutter, and it shows in her joyful attitude and her smile. She lives to organize!"  


Laura ~ Rockport, Texas 

“Together, Amy and I have established a rhythm that works very well for me.  The KonMari principles have been a guide for my unique situation.  Amy is firm but flexible, excitedly calm and has even managed to maintain a cheery disposition as we climb the mountains of excess litter my house. Working with Amy has allowed me to actually believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” 

Annie ~ Chagrin Falls, Ohio

“Amy exudes joy, and her work reflects that joy. My home is not just cleaner and more organized, each space is purposeful and beautiful. I’m no longer afraid to open my drawers! Amy respectfully listened to my needs and concerns. Thank you, Amy, for decluttering my life!”


Christine ~ Parma, Ohio

“We all know how irritating it can be

when we cannot find what we are

looking for, because of a lack of

order in our home. When Amy came

to visit me, she put that order back

into my home that had been lacking

for so very long." 


Christine ~ State College, Pennsylvania

“Amy has sparked joy in my entire

home. She has a beautiful way of

explaining the process that makes

sense. I travel for work and when I’m

home I want to be outside. Now that everything has a respectful place,

my home now supports a life

I love living! 


Vicki ~ Key Largo, Florida

“We've never felt so peaceful and

positive about our home. Our work

with Amy has made a daily difference

in our lives and outlook. I loved

working with Amy and always looked

forward to our appointments.

I can't recommend her more highly.

She is an absolute treasure!’


Annie ~ Shaker Heights, Ohio

“I was so embarrassed about the

clutter and overall lack of organization

In my home. I’ve tried many times

myself to get on top of things, which

would last only temporarily at best.

Amy, gently, patiently, and lovingly,

help me clear out old items and

things that no longer served me and

taught me systems to better care for

the things that serve me well.” 

Jennifer ~ Marblehead, Ohio

“Amy helped to make the tedious job

of cleaning out and organizing 40

some years of stuff possible. She

didn't push but suggested that I start

fresh after downsizing. Large amounts

were taken to charity and much

more to the trash. I was ready to

do this, and Amy lead the way.

If you are looking for a mentor,

she is your girl!”

Kay ~ Mayfield Heights, Ohio

"I've worked with Amy several times

over the past year both online and in person. Decluttering was an emotional process for me and Amy walked me through it with great understanding, without judgment. Amy helped create some amazing organizing techniques

that have helped me fully enjoy what

I have and the process has helped me

be much more discerning about what

I bring into my home which has some obvious financial benefits."

Sarah ~ Jupiter, Florida 

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